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Modus Operandi meets the needs of quantitative and qualitative data collection by offering a wide range of samples and different interview methods.

For study centers, research institutes, public and private bodies that choose to externalise the collection of data in order to process and analyse them in-house there is the fieldwork of Modus Operandi.

Our team is composed of experts (engineers, software specialists, supervisors) who work every day to improve the quality of the service by making it even more technological, profiled and targeted.

This, together with our cooperative spirit, guarantees a high-quality offer that goes hand in hand with accurate controls and supervision already at the stage of setting up the questionnaire and the sample.

We deeply believe in cooperation: For that reason our starting point when implementing a fieldwork project is listening to the client’s needs and activate our considerable expertise gained on the ground.

Registration in the Register of Communication Providers (ROC)

Modus Operandi is a communication provider registered in the ROC (Registro degli operatori di comunicazione) of the AGCOM (Autorità per le Garanzie nelle Comunicazioni, Italian Communications Authority) after coming into effect of Law n.o 232 of 11 December 2016. Especially Art. 1, paragraph 243 of Law n.o 232 of 11 December 2016.

ROC: for our clients another element which guarantees the quality of our company.


Telephone and mobile interviews in Italian and Serbo-Croatian

You can conduct mixed CATI-CAMI surveys simultaneously, reaching maximum coverage of the population and any target.

CATI and CAMI interviews

We manage CATI (Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing) and CAMI (Computer Assisted Mobile Interviewing) interviews.

We carry out every kind of telephone surveys (vox pop, market research, political survey, mystery calling) and we guarantee high quality in a short amount of time.

Aside from interviews in Italian language our fieldwork department conducts telephone surveys in Serbo-Croatian.

Due to our DATABASE created over the years we offer highly profilated and geolocalised MOBILE interviews.

Our operators are constantly trained and supervised and the the quality is followed by expert supervisors.
Immediate data download, immediate data analysis, guarantee of quality control and congruence data, 7 days a week.
Our customers are able to listen to the interviewers and directly follow the pilot activity.
Mixed CATI-CAMI researches are the best method to reach maximum coverage of the whole Italian population, for all age groups.
Before and after the interview

We can count on highly specialised personnel capable of doing all steps within an enquiriy project, even if deadlines are very tough.

Translation services

Aside from interviews in Italian language our fieldwork department conducts telephone surveys in Serbo-Croatian.

We also offer questionnaire translation services and translate open-ended questions into several languages thanks to our qualified staff graduated in translation sciences.

Servizi di traduzione

Oltre alle interviste in lingua italiana il nostro field esegue indagini telefoniche in lingua serbo-croata, in tedesco e in inglese.

Offriamo anche servizi di traduzione di questionari e di domande aperte in diverse lingue grazie ai nostri esperti collaboratori, laureati in traduzione.

Electronic Data Processing

Editing and incongruencies

Every activity is followed by our EDP which performs editing procedures to avoid any kind of incongruences or errors indicated by our operators or supervisors.

Upon request we offer other types of processings such as data weighting to obtain a representative sample.